The New Hardy Players bring the stories of Thomas Hardy to life through evocative dramatisations of his work

Salt of the Earth is The New Hardy Players event planned for Max Gate Garden Wednesday April 29th  2020 and which we would like to share with you now.   It is one of six readings, with music, planned on the National Trust themes for 2020 Food and the Here and Now.

Our Salt of the Earth script includes;

Poems and Prose that contain images of Salt and of the Sea and others that celebrate ‘Salt of the Earth’ characters.  The kind and courageous.  Those who act decently.  Who work to improve the world and put food on the table, often at cost to themselves – and who flounder around trying to make sense of life and love as we all do.

So, make yourselves a cup of tea, imagine the sun is shining and you are with us in the very beautiful garden at Max Gate

The New Hardy Players Present ‘ THE SALT OF THE EARTH’

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