The New Hardy Players bring the stories of Thomas Hardy to life through evocative dramatisations of his work

New Hardy Players actors after  recreating the visit of their forebears the original Hardy Players to Max Gate on Christmas Eve 1920. Carols were sung outside the front door, and then the Players performed the Mummers Play as recorded by Hardy in ‘The Return of the Native’. Florence Hardy wrote to a friend that Hardy was delighted with the old carols and the play, and also enjoyed talking to Miss Gertrude Bugler , ‘looking prettier than ever in her mumming costume!’

The scenes will eventually form part of a DVD about life at Max Gate 1886-1928, and will be shown in the house as a companion piece to ‘The Master Storyteller’ DVD made in 2012 at Hardy’s Cottage. Further sections will be filmed at Max Gate later in 2020.

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