Behind the Scenes

It’s not all about getting up on stage. An incredible amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all possible. There are lots of jobs to be done the least of which is getting involved with set building which goes on whilst we’re putting a show together.

There’s always a lot of work to be done to support the actors on stage. And it’s not just the set. There is also lighting, sound, props, Costume, Transport, Childcare and a number of other things to be considered and we are always on the look-out for people to help, these are all ‘gateway’ roles for those interested in joining in but not (yet) feeling up to acting.. If you’re an old hand looking to get involved with a new group – or if you’ve never even attempted these things but fancy having a go, we’d love to meet you. We’ll teach you all the things you need to know.

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