Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 21th May at 3pm – Poetry at Max Gate – we will be presenting ‘Thomas Hardy, a man for all seasons’. Using poems from various stages of Mr. Hardy’s life, we will fly through a year in an hour, this should be a treat!
  • Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th June at 3.45pm – Tea with Mr Hardy – The principal guest will be Edmund Blunden. Edmund Blunden is one of the sixteen Great War Poets who are commemorated in Westminster Abbey, but he has largely fallen out of public conscience. After the War Edmund Blunden visited Max Gate on several occasions, sometimes accompanied by Siegfried Sassoon and he published a biography of Thomas Hardy in 1942. As well as his war poetry, Edmund Blunden is best known for his rural poetry. During the Tea, we will focus on rural radical writings, this will include work by John Clare as well as Mr Hardy and Edmund Blunden himself. This event will be part of the National Trust theme for the year ‘People’s Landscapes’.
  • Wednesday 19th June at 3pm – Poetry at Max Gate – Standing on the shoulders of giants’. The afternoon will focus on the poets who influenced Thomas Hardy and those he influenced. This afternoon will be very different from any of the selections that we have presented previously.

The Poetry and Tea events are included in the entry price for Max Gate, i.e. no charge for National Trust members. A donation is requested to cover the cost of the refreshments.

During the autumn we plan to present another ‘Tea with Mr Hardy’ at Max Gate as well as other events in and around Dorchester during December.

 We look forward to seeing you at our performances in the coming months.


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