Tess of the D’Urbervilles – 2011

New Hardy Players production 2011

After eleven successful performances, our 2011 tour of Tess of the d’Urbervilles started its grand finale at Athelhampton House on Friday 26th August at 7pm. Thanks to everyone who supported the Players by coming along to our performances, some more than once!

A special performance took place in the garden of Hardy’s home, Max Gate, Dorchester Thursday 25th August 7pm.

Devina Symes adapted Hardy’s 1924 script for a contemporary audience, adding some scenes not included in the original 1924 play script.

Hardy added an extra line for Liza Lu, played by a young Norrie Woodhall, because Norrie had so little to say. For the same reason, Devina added an extra, extra line for our Liza Lu (Charlotte Fairman). How many spotted this is unknown.

The final scene of our play was staged as Norrie Woodhall described it from her own appearance in Hardy’s original adaptation, also directed by him: Tess, accompanied by Angel Clare, is arrested by a phalanx of constables for the murder of her other suitor Alec d’Urberville at sunrise, following a night spent within the bluestone towers of a lonely henge on the bleak and wind swept expanse of Salisbury Plain. Known to us as Stonehenge.


“Brilliantly adapted by Devina Symes” View Online

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