Feb 28 – Publicity shots on the heath

A brilliant sunny day on “Egdon Heath” on Saturday saw some of the furzecutters and heathfolk, from our forthcoming Production of “Return of the Native”, sharpening their tools as well as their acting skills!

This is the first of several photo shoots that we will be undertaking to promote the Play.

Four people in nineteenth century rural costume sitting on a bank

Furzecutters were: Evelyn Grey – played by Jill Withey, Charley – Tom Archer, and Rosy – Molly.

Heathfolk were Timothy Fairway played by Chris Pullen, Tabitha Cricket – Devina Symes and Marcia Hinton – Hilary Charlesworth.

A group of people, most in nineteenth century rural costume but some in twenty first century garb

Also shown are two of our brilliant costume team – Lou Pugh and Gerry Gwyther who will also be playing Furzecutters, plus Alison Payton – Assistant Director.

Two women in nineteenth century costume standing on a dirt track talking, with other people in the background
Photographs taken by Howard Payton – Director of the Production


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