March 28 – At Max Gate

The National Trust are the owners of Max Gate, Hardy’s House in Dorchester and his cottage in Higher Bockhampton.

The New Hardy Players work closely with the National Trust in bringing Hardy’s works to life – these shots of characters from this year’s performance “The Return of The Native” are taken in the grounds of Max Gate.

Woman, young man and girl together, all well dressed

On a very chilly March day the Yeobright Family were photographed in the garden, Mrs Yeobright (Emma Hill), Thomasin (Amelia Chorley), and Clym Yeobright,  ‘the Returning Native’, (Toby Ingram).

Man in casual russet jacket and soft hat siting on bench with girl wrapped in green shawl

Diggory Venn, the Reddleman, ( Alastair Simpson)  and Thomasin Yeobright (Amelia Chorley), brave the cold March wind together



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